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ATG Multilingual Repository design

Here is the example of the multilingual image settings for category.

<item-descriptor name="category">
<table name="pjt_category_images" type="primary" id-column-name="image_id">
<property column-name="promotional_image"
display-name-resource="promotionalImage" data-type="string"
<attribute name="resourceBundle"
value="" />
<attribute name="propertySortPriority" value="-11" />
<property name="promotionalHeroImageDefault" column-name="promotional_hero_image"
data-type="string" readable="true" writable="true" queryable="true"
hidden="false" expert="false" cache-mode="inherit">
<attribute name=&quo…

(Wordpress) Converting wp_metapost data as column

CREATE OR REPLACE view test as (
   case when meta_key = "<YOUR_KEY>" then meta_value end as columnName1,
    case when meta_key = "<ANOTHER_KEY>" then meta_value end as columnName2
 from wp_postmeta
   where meta_value not like ''

CREATE OR REPLACE view test as (
   case when meta_key = "old_page_url" then meta_value end as url,
    case when meta_key = "meta_description" then meta_value end as meta_description
 from wp_postmeta
   where meta_value not like ''

This will create a new view with two columns.

ATG Issue - ConcurrentUpdateException - on BCC Deployment

12:32:07,257 WARN  [nucleusNamespace.atg.epub.PublishingRepository] (Thread-142) ConcurrentUpdateException caught updating an item during a commit.  Call updateItem explicitly to catch and handle this exception. : atg.repository.ConcurrentUpdateException: no rows updated oldVersion=5 for item=project:prj77000 in GSATransaction=atg.adapter.gsa.GSATransaction@56366556    thread=Thread-142 transaction=TransactionImple < ac, BasicAction: 0:ffff7f000001:4bb175f9:567a4624:1908c status: ActionStatus.RUNNING >

Root cause: This error will occur when the deployed project does not contain any assets (Only through programmaticImportService)