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The Dev war

Always there will be the war between two or more things. Here in the software development, the war between the following guys
developers-logic ui team - appearance qa - rtm architect - structure pmo - client's questions
That's what software development is so interesting.

Replace the specific characters with another from array PHP code.

$vowels = array("a", "e"," "i","o","u");
$outputText = str_replace($vowels, '_', "My name is Text Man");

The output will be as follows:

My n_m_ _s T_xt M_n

Brand war between Giant and Regional brands

Regional brands like "Jayavera's" copying the layout of the famous brands like "Britannia". Due to this people will get confusion about the product. If we see the product from 10 feet apart, it looks like Britannia Marie Gold.
We can not blame the companies, as the consumer we should be aware about the product and its quality.

How to hard reset Android phone?

Power off the phone, press and hold the Volume down button and Power button simultaneously while powering on the unit.

The "Fastboot" screen should pop up. When it does press the Volume down key to cycle through the choices until you get to "Android Recovery", and then press the Volume up key to boot in this mode.

Wait for the "triangle!/Android" screen to pop up. Once it does press both the Volume up andVolume down keys simultaneously. A Recovery Menu should pop up. Tap on the Volume down key until "wipe data/factory reset" is highlighted, and then tap thePower button. Another Confirmation screen will come up. Tap on the Volume down key until it highlights “Yes” and then tap the Power button to make the selection.
After it’s done make sure "reboot system now" is highlighted and then tap the Power button. In this method you don’t have to use the touch screen any more. So let’s say your touch screen isn’t responding therefore you can’t…

What is IIN?

This is the simply a Marketing strategy by Idea network for their Internet Package.

How to activate Google Inbox from your computer?

Step #1: Get an invitation email from your friend

Step #2: Open the mail, come to the footer of the mail and find the following
"As long as this email is in your Gmail, you can download the app and activate Inbox by Gmail on that account. Not that you need it, but the invite code generated for you is:" 
Next to this line the Invite code will be there.

Step #3: Append the token to the following URL

If, it not works, try the following

A file will be downloaded (Nothing to worry).

Now, enjoy, Google Inbox without an android/Ios

How to install FTP in local machine [Ubuntu]

Step #1: sudo apt-get install vsftpd

Step #2: sudo gedit /etc/vsftpd.conf

Step #3: mkdir /home/<username>/files

Step #4: sudo chown root:root /home/username

Step #5: to start ftp: sudo service vsftpd restart

Step #6: Now you can access the FTP by using the IP address

Ex.: in browser, type: "ftp://<your system ip address>"

In the user name, password type your local systems  root username password.

Switch between workspaces in Linux [CentOs / Ubuntu]

To switch between workspace use the shortcut key "Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right Arrow"