"Panna Varuma" - www.bharathration.com Campaign

BharathRationThe words in the advertisements making the success of business, example "I love you Rasna!". Likewise, Tamilnadu based e-commerce website, http://www.bharathration.com/ has come up withe unique and attractive Tamil tag, "Panna Varuma" (பண்ணா வருமா) to capture the market. The website is also very simple and can be easily understandable by Tamil customers.

Not like regular e-commerce sites, BharathRation.com has its own UI, in a single page, customers can select the Brand as well as product with quantity. Finally, the order information can be submit (One time click).

Reference: http://news.chennaionline.com/chennai/Now--buy-groceries-online/78bf77c4-b100-4c66-9991-76c9091c479c.col

Contact BharathRation.com
Level 2, Agnitio Park,
Perungudi, OMR,
Chennai - 600 096. 
Phone: 044 - 45030043

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