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Need a small business advertising ideas?

Need a small business advertising ideas? For more than a quarter century, Maverick has thought through and tested how many a small business advertising idea works. We've planned and executed advertising and marketing strategy and monitored the results for more than 3,100 firms in 186 business categories. Would it surprise you to know many points we tested contradict conventional wisdom you usually hear? The comprehensive Maverick Marketing Method grew out of that research. This article outlines a whole system to give you the edge . . . a small business marketing idea, technique, strategy, advertising idea or tactic; small business marketing planning. Did you ever lie awake far into the night wrestling with how to make your small business grow with the help of a marketing idea? Do the bills seem like a small mountain? Is there so little money, yet it seems like professionals want far more than you have to help you do it? We've got news . . . You can do your marketing
yourself …