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Employee branding and positioning

Author: Muthupandian

Employee branding and positioning

Employee Branding

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Social Networking in India

Social Networking in India
For the launch of their first store in the up market Select Citywalk mall in Delhi, Haagen Dazs chose the words – ‘Entry restricted to holders of international passports only’. The intent of the company as clarified by them was to ‘get a taste of abroad right here in India’. However, their choice of words was easily misinterpreted as if they did not want to allow Indians in their store! Someone took a photograph of the signage and e-mailed it to a Times of India blogger, who put it on his blog within a couple of hours with the headline saying ‘Sorry, Indians not allowed’. The blog where this was carried has 804 hate comments till now and 2 hate groups on Facebook were spawned having close to 400 members. Thanks to the power of social media the hate Haagen Dazs campaign spread like wildfire not only in India but across the globe, inciting a hail of protests that left the company red-faced and ultimately they were forced to backtrack and issue an apology.


Safety Management Project

Advertising Ideas on a Small Budget

by Muthupandian. T

To be effective, advertising must be interruptive—that is, it must make you stop thumbing through the newspaper or thinking about your day long enough to read or hear the ad. Advertising must also be credible, unique, and memorable in order to work. And finally, enough money must be spent to provide a media schedule for ad frequency, the most important element for ad memorability.
Advertising Checklist:

1. Communicate a simple, single message. People have trouble remembering someone's name, let alone a complicated ad message. For print ads, the simpler the headline, the better. And every ad element should support the headline message, whether that message is "price," "selection," "quality," or any other concept.

2. Stick with a likable style. Ads have personality and style. Find a likable style and personality and stay with it for at least a year, to avoid confusing buyers. Be credible. If you say your quality or value is the "best…