Top 10 Crackers websites 2017

Diwali festival goes online. Nowadays, people started buying crackers online rather than the retail showroom. Here is the alexa rank details of the top websites.

Out of 10 websites, is leading the market

RankWebsiteAlexa rank 1ayyanonline.com155012jothiramtraders.com186493anilshowroom.com187654mycrackers.com220185cockbrand.in222246chennaicrackersonline.com248567peacockcrackers.com277988festivezone.com298389crackersindia.com4254610standardfireworks.in61237

*Alexa rank as on 8 Oct, 2017

Earned 500 reputation in Stackoverflow

Today I earned 500 reputation with two silver badges. Happy moment!

How the competition helps to reduce the price of TEA?

Today I had a chance to visit Sivakasi Tea Stall. What a wonder? I've seen that, in a particular region of Sivakasi, there are the cost of Tea & Vada at rupees five. I wondered about this. I asked some of the person in that region. They said, the super market named Nalan Daily Fresh, Sithurajapuram, they started selling tea for Rs.5 to compete the market. A month later, people started using Nalan instead of other tea stalls who well sell about Rs.8. Immediately, to sustain in the market, maximum of the tea stalls reduced their price to Rs.5.

I learn about the pricing strategy and competition very well.

[SOLUTION] How to test JAVA code quality?

There are more than 100 tools available. I found the best among them.



$ cd$HOME$ curl -OL $ unzip $ alias pmd="$HOME/pmd-bin-5.8.1/bin/ pmd"$ pmd -d <your java src location> -R java-basic -f text[Example] $ pmd-bin-5.8.1/bin/ pmd -dir /opt/science/mycode/src -f text -rulesets java-basic,java-design

Participated in Whirldata Brand building process

First time created Banner stand for #Whirldata

Proud to be a part of Whirldata

Created artworks for inside office.

[SOLVED] Login too many attempts. Try after 10min.

The error happens in the login page, and if you are the admin,

#1. Goto MySQL / PhPMyadmin
#2. Goto the SQL tab
#3. Type the following

UPDATE wp_options SET option_value = '' WHERE option_name = 'limit_login_lockouts' LIMIT 1;